Daily Reading : Animal Spirit Guide


Todays reading was again, Black Panther.  I have been getting this guide very often in my readings and I thought I would look deeper into that. Going by what route the life was taking, it was very interesting to have this beautiful animal walk beside me.

So here is what I gathered from my reading : I know what it means but wanted to record some more detailed notes on the same… energy



@ Wolf’s Moon


Role ~Prophet~

Lesson: Reclaiming Power

Element: Fire/Water

Wind: West ~The Quest Within~

Medicine: Shapeshifting

Mysticism surrounds the Black Panther, and for centuries two-leggeds have observed these graceful predators as they prowl the jungles of their domain and slip, black as midnight vapor, between tree limbs and vines.

Black Panther, with his penetrating yellow-green gaze, evokes the sense that he is capable of looking into the ~future,~ hence this beautiful cat is closely linked to Seers and Prophets.

For the two-legged who journeys beside Black Panther, this may either take the form of one who can literally see into the ~future,~ or this gift of insight is manifested as a keen insight into the reasoning, action and motive of Others.

Because these souls possess the gift to see to the motives of another, the “future” consequences of that individual`s motives and actions are clearly visible to the Panther individual, and they can appear almost prophetic when warning another of the ramifications that may befall should their current motives remain ulterior, selfish or evasive.

For those Black Panther souls who literally do “see the future,” this can be quite a challenging aspect of their Earthwalk, for with this special ~gift~ also comes the responsibility of discerning when and how much of this knowledge is meant to be shared. Equally, as the ~future~ is continuously being shaped by our present thoughts, decisions, and actions, the future is ever-changing and hence, any future seen or perceived is only one of many alternate ~future realities.~ Yet more often than not, the visions of the future received are meant purely as guide posts and/or warnings, hence it is still down to the individual to create his/her own future.


Reclaiming Power

One look at the Black Panther and it is obvious that these Big Cats are a study in controlled strength and will.

With thickly corded muscles, long, sharp teeth and claws capable of shredding and ripping prey that may weigh up to 1200 pounds, these magnificent creatures embody the essence of Power. All of this is contained within a frame that averages 7 to 8 feet in length (from tip of nose to tip of tail), and weighs in anywhere between 75 and 160 pounds (depending upon the species of Black Panther and whether it is male or female).

***As Black Panther often pads beside one with great inner strength, there is often evidence of personal Power within the human counterpart. The interesting thing with this particular keyword, and how it manifests for the two-legged who is blessed with this Totem, is in watching the unfolding of that Power, for it is a characteristic that is developed over many years. This is partially attributed to the fact that such inherent personal power possesses equal potential for either great good, or great destruction.

In those who walk with Black Panther, personal charisma will be quite high and there will be the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of ~Others.~ For this reason, this Totem carries a heavy responsibility, and may take several lifetimes to perfect. Many dictators throughout history have had Black Panther as one of their Personal Totems, and misused the tremendous potential of these Spirit Animals. Equally, many reformationists have also had this Totem walking beside them and reclaimed the True Power of Black Panther (Mahatma Ghandi is one such example).

This is not to suggest that these individuals should be meek and mild (for they have been gifted this great power and strength for a reason), yet it can be channeled and directed in such a manner to bring honesty and insight to others. Yet if you do not wish to know the ~truth~ of what a Black Panther soul feels or believes, do not ask, for they will always “tell it like it is.”

When the higher vibration of this personal magnetism has been attained and expressed through diligence, conscious decision not to misuse its brilliant gift and shared to benefit Others, then the Black Panther Soul truly shines as he/she inherits and reclaims their Power.***


Energy Awareness

Every thing about Black Panther has been geared toward a heightened awareness of his/her surroundings, and Nature has equipped this big cat well in the art and skill of survival.

With ears capable of capturing the smallest of movement, eyes that can penetrate through the dark blanket of night, and a powerful sense of smell, Black Panther is able to locate and track prey with a skill matched by few predators in the wild.

Yet there also seems to be an intuitive understanding of when the best time is to strike, as often these beautiful creatures will await just the perfect moment and seize the opportunity with a lethal pounce.

***The two-legged with Black Panther as a companion spirit will have a heightened sense of awareness. Sometimes this will manifest purely as a physical acuity and these individuals may possess an extraordinary sense of hearing, sight or smell. If one of these senses are damaged, then another physical sense will compensate, and thus for one who may have sustained a hearing loss, their eyesight or sense of smell rapidly acclimates and counterbalances for just such a sensory “deficit.”

Yet this heightened awareness may also manifest in the form of sensitivity to non-physical stimuli, or pure energy.

In Earth Medicine, we recognize that there is a Universal energy that flows through all things that dwell above, upon or within the Earth, a powerful Medicine that is the basic building block of all life, hence the term Earth Medicine. Yet this energy source, though it flows through physical life, is spiritual energy and emits a powerful vibration that is felt keenly by some, including a large portion of Black Panther souls.

Again, this is an ability that, although present at the moment of entry onto the physical plane, takes years for the individual to nurture, hone and perfect. Yet as the ability to tune into energy develops, the two-legged who has Black Panther as their companion spirit, will be able to sense the feelings, energies and intent of other individuals. This heightened awareness is not only limited to those persons whom the Black Panther soul is in immediate physical proximity, they are also excellent at long distance energy sensing and can immediately “tune in” on the condition of one with whom they are communicating, regardless of any physical distance.

Because of this ability to read another`s ~energy~ so precisely, it is imperative that the soul beside whom Black Panther walks, governs this ability closely. When operating from Personality Center, this ability can be used toward selfish ends or as a means of intimidating Others. Yet it is when the Black Panther soul utilizes the ability to tune into and send energy from the center of Compassion and assistance to his/her fellow human, that this ability unfolds as it was intended, as gifted by the Divine.***

From Kelly Eckert

Black Panther teaches the fear-less-ness that comes from facing and moving through the dark rather than avoiding it or denying it.

Most people are afraid to face their shadow side, the darkness that lies within them. Black Panther knows that this darkness is not bad, but rather a powerful part of True Self. Exploring the Shadow with open eyes allows for greater personal power and integration.

In the physical world, black panthers (which may be black jaguars or black leopards) are loners, excellent swimmers and powerful sprinters. You can use these Black Panther gifts to fear-less-ly follow your own path, to navigate emotions (symbolized by water) and to make quick decisions—not in haste, but from intuition.

Black Panther has great sensitivity and is known for its excellent vision and hearing. You can use these gifts to hone your intuitive and psychic abilities. Learn from Black Panther how to face your fears unblinkingly. The real gift lies in the journey through your fear and your shadow.